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Discover how wezam works and why we are the best solution in the market.


We are transforming the relationship between enterprises and their workforce by designing global solutions that will boost productivity, wellbeing, and retention.

Market intelligence:

Actually, Wezam has payment capabilities in more than 130 countries.

Actually, Wezam has payment capabilities in more than 130 countries.

Supporting multiple payment rails, such as: ACH, WIRE, URGENT WIRE, BACS, VIRTUAL CARDS, PAY TO CARD, PAY TO BANK,…

Providing several funding options such as PULL and PUSH and being able to manage the requests just in time.

Our mission

Wezam is committed to empower your global workforce with financial stability, education and freedom while simplifying complex administrative processes.

Meet Wezam Team

We believe in the power of each person to do great things. We focus on the well-being of the user and the efficiency of the company. The quality and quality of our platform is vital. We give voice and boost the growth of our employees.

Borja Pérez

Founder & CEO

Pedro Bravo

Co-Founder & CTO

José Obieta


Cristina Saumell

Senior UX/UI Designer

Samuel Bazaga

Software Engineer

Sergi Jacas

Software Engineer

Helena Simon

Customer Experience Specialist

Jordi Molas

Product Owner

Maksim Matlakhov

Software Architect

Yurii Huzo

Software Engineer

Vicky Caride

Executive Assistant, Office Manager

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